Security through community

Security Through Community: The Echelon Core Principle

Security through community is a concept that focuses on the role of community members in promoting safety and security. This approach emphasizes the importance of collaboration and cooperation among community members, local organizations, and law enforcement agencies in addressing security issues and preventing crime.

Security through community recognizes that community members have unique knowledge, skills, and perspectives that can be valuable in promoting safety and security. By involving community members in the planning and implementation of security measures, this approach can help to build trust, foster collaboration, and create more effective and sustainable solutions to security challenges.

Some of the key elements of security through community include:

  1. Engaging community members: Involve community members in the planning and implementation of security measures, and listen to their ideas, concerns, and suggestions. This can help to build trust and foster collaboration between community members and security professionals.
  1. Building partnerships: Develop partnerships with local organizations, such as schools, community centers, and faith-based organizations, to promote safety and security. These partnerships can provide valuable resources and support for security efforts, and can also help to build trust and foster collaboration among community members.
  1. Focusing on prevention: Address the root causes of crime and other security issues, and implement strategies that focus on prevention rather than reaction. This can include initiatives such as community policing, crime prevention through environmental design, and other proactive approaches.
  1. Evaluating and adapting: Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of security measures, and make changes and adjustments as needed. This can help to ensure that security efforts are continuously improving and meeting the needs of the community.

Security through community is an approach that recognizes the important role of community members in promoting safety and security, and emphasizes the importance of collaboration and cooperation in addressing security challenges.

The concept of security through community can impact private security services in several ways. For one, it can lead to an increased demand for private security services, as members of a community may seek out the services of private security companies to help them maintain a safe and secure environment. In addition, private security companies may need to adapt their services to incorporate the principles of security through community, such as by working closely with community members and involving them in the planning and implementation of security measures. This may require private security companies to develop new strategies and approaches for engaging with communities and building trust with community members. Finally, the focus on community-based security may lead to a shift in the overall role of private security services, from a reactive approach focused on responding to incidents to a more proactive approach focused on preventing security threats from arising in the first place.

And with the growing security concerns in Portland, Echelon Protective Services has adapted the Security Through Community concept as a principle to answer to the call for better private security in various sectors of the community.

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By: Echelon Protective Services Team

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