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Our Personnel Standards

At Echelon, we hand pick the members of our team from high performing law enforcement, civilian, and military backgrounds. We make it our personal mission to provide your business needs with the specific group of individuals for the task given to us.


We strive and expect nothing less from our employees, but the highest levels of integrity, loyalty, and care towards our customers. We do not hire robots, but people who have compassion, empathy, and dedication to the vision set by the community around us.


Each employee must complete a field training program and is required to maintain all training records. Our pride and joy are the people who make up our thriving business. It is because of our people that our company has grown and ascended to become a successful security company in the Pacific Northwest.

Services Offered

Pacific echelon services careers

Armed & Unarmed Security Personnel

Before Echelon steps on your property, our supervisors will be working hand in hand to assess your security needs. Our Unarmed/Armed division offers several solutions to the everyday and more complex problems you face. Our officers are up to date with certifications ​and training to deal with issues ranging from the following:
  • De-escalation
  • Community Outreach
  • Threat Mitigation
  • Surveillance
  • Investigations

Static & Vehicle Patrol Services

Echelon has developed an effective patrol and static service for your business, neighborhood, multi family facility, or business district. Our Roving patrols are custom made to fit your needs. We send our people to evaluate, listen, and solve your problems. Our patrol responds to dispatched calls and responds to a plethora of calls in a quick and effective manner.


If patrol doesn’t fit your property then our static patrol professionals are hand picked just for you. We remain on site for an allotted block of time. We align ourselves to your values, goals, and allow our service to shine so you do as well.

Pacific echelon services
Pacific echelon services

Asset Protection & Nuisance Mitigation

Have you received threatening phone calls or texts? Are you a businessman taking a trip? Are you a politician or person of influence? Do you want the “just in case” cushion at your next public event? ​

Have peace of mind with professionals who listen and are ready to act on your behalf. Whether plain clothes or full suit and tie, we have your covered.

Private Investigations & Surveillance Services

Living with the unknown is one of the most difficult things in life. We as humans all crave closure and to know the truth no matter what the circumstances. Put us in your corner and let us fight for you and the unmitigated truth. We specialize in all the following cases:
  • Insurance cases 

  • Car accidents 

  • Criminal cases 

  • Workers comp.

  • Divorce cases 

  • And much more……


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