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About Echelon

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Echelon was founded in the City of Portland, Oregon. In the late 2000’s owners of Echelon began observing the needs of business owners and the community around us. In 2018, they began to formulate a new business model for security in the modern age. In 2019, Echelon was formed into a proactive and results based company to combat the complex problems facing you. Our owner group is comprised of members with local and federal law enforcement skills ranging from: S.W.A.T., K.9., narcotics, military, and anti-terrorism. ​

At Echelon, our passion and what gets us out of bed every morning, is knowing we can make a difference in the lives of those around us. We don’t sell our customers touches or hours worked, we sell results. Our owners saw a need by actually listening to the frustrated business owners who have been told one thing, but received another. We believe in a holistic community oriented security with a proactive approach. We believe in exceeding your expectations, not just completing tasks. ​

In summary, what makes us different? Simply put, we exceed the expectations of our customers.
How we succeed
  • Deep rooted connections to the community

  • Executive level report writing

  • A comprehensive field training program for all employees

  • Face to face interactions with our clients

  • Monthly security briefings with our clients

  • Conduct civil investigations to assist in evictions

  • Build criminal cases against problem tenants

  • Prepare all reports and submit them directly to the local DA’s office

  • Conduct large scale surveillance across multiple platforms

  • Reports are emailed directly to the client

  • Implement the highest tier of modern technology to assist in our operations

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