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Welcome to Echelon Protective Services, where our vigilance meets your peace of mind. We provide Portland with a spectrum of top-tier private security services tailored to ensure community safety and personal well-being. Experience the Echelon difference in security services today.

Security Services in Portland

Echelon Security - A Tradition of Trust and Professionalism

At Echelon Protective Services, we’re more than just a security company; we’re your partners in creating a safe and secure environment. Based in the heart of Portland, we believe in a community-centric approach to safety, offering educational insights alongside elite security measures to protect what matters most to you.

Echelon Security Services - Comprehensive Protection Tailored for You

Armed and Unarmed Security Personnel
Our trained professionals are ready to serve you with the utmost professionalism, whether armed or unarmed, to ensure your environment is safe from any threat.


Static and Mobile Patrol Services
Echelon’s patrol services offer you constant vigilance. Our static and mobile patrols keep a watchful eye on your premises, deterring potential threats and ensuring security.


Asset Protection
We specialize in protecting your valuable assets with strategies designed to mitigate risks and prevent losses before they happen.


Nuisance Mitigation
From property disputes to unauthorized access, our Echelon security team is equipped to handle nuisances effectively, maintaining the tranquility of your space.


Private Investigations and Surveillance
Our investigative services are discreet, thorough, and results-driven, providing you with the intelligence and surveillance necessary to resolve any concern.

security services in portland

How To Choose The Right Security Service In Portland For Your Business?

Selecting the right security service for your business in Portland is a critical decision that can affect not only the safety of your premises but also the well-being of your employees and customers. With the rise in security concerns, it’s essential to partner with a service that understands the unique challenges and dynamics of your environment… 


Private Security Services in Portland - Your Safety, Our Priority

Choosing Echelon means opting for a security service that stands out for its commitment to relationship-building and a proactive security stance. We’re lauded for our quick responses, affordable solutions, and professional conduct, setting the standard for excellence in private security services.

What Are The Top 10 Security Services In Portland And How Do They Compare?

Three Police Officers in Blue Uniform echelon protective services

Portland’s bustling cityscape is a hub for businesses, and with that comes the need for robust security measures. In a city where safety and security are paramount, choosing the right service can be daunting. Here, we compare the top 10 security services in Portland, including the renowned Echelon Protective Services, to help you make an informed decision…

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What Are the Top 10 Security Services in Portland and How Do They Compare?

Portland’s bustling cityscape is a hub for businesses, and with that comes the need for robust security measures. In a city where safety and security…

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