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What is a Hybrid Company for Asset Protection: Echelon Protective Services in New Mexico

In the ever-evolving landscape of security services, businesses seek innovative solutions to protect their assets and ensure the safety of their communities. One emerging concept gaining traction is the idea of a hybrid company for asset protection. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of what constitutes a hybrid company for asset protection, with a focus on Echelon Protective Services, a leading security provider based in Portland, Oregon, and extending its reach to New Mexico.

Founding and Philosophy

Origin: Echelon Protective Services, founded in Portland, Oregon, emerged in response to the evolving needs of business owners and communities. The company began formulating a new security business model around 2018 and officially established itself in 2019.

Mission and Values: Driven by a passion for making a positive impact, Echelon places a strong emphasis on exceeding customer expectations. The company adopts a holistic, community-oriented security approach to foster safety and well-being.

Team and Training

Personnel: Echelon’s team comprises individuals with high-performing backgrounds in law enforcement, civilian, and military sectors. The selection criteria prioritize qualities such as integrity, loyalty, and care towards customers. The company takes pride in its staff’s compassion, empathy, and unwavering dedication.

Training and Development: Echelon invests in the personal and professional growth of its team members. Comprehensive training includes self-defense, legal briefs, crisis intervention, community affairs, and private investigations.

Services Offered

  • Armed and Unarmed Security Personnel: Echelon provides customized security solutions encompassing de-escalation, community outreach, threat mitigation, surveillance, and investigations.
  • Static and Vehicle Patrol Services: Tailored patrol services address the needs of businesses, neighborhoods, and various facilities, efficiently responding to a diverse range of calls.
  • Asset Protection and Nuisance Mitigation: Clients, including businesspeople, politicians, and public figures, benefit from Echelon’s services, ensuring peace of mind in various situations.
  • Private Investigations and Surveillance: Echelon specializes in diverse cases such as insurance, car accidents, criminal investigations, workers’ compensation, and divorce cases.

Career Opportunities

Job Roles and Responsibilities: Echelon offers roles like Security Guard and Security Officer, focusing on patrolling, community engagement, violation investigations, and maintaining safety standards.

Work Environment: The company cultivates a positive and proactive work environment, placing importance on team member satisfaction and personal development.

Contact and Locations

Contact Information: Echelon Protective Services can be reached at (503) 917-5848 or via email at community@echelonprotectiveservices.com.

Service Areas: While based in Oregon, Echelon operates in several states, including Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Colorado, and California.

The Role of Echelon Protective Services in New Mexico

Echelon Protective Services stands out as a beacon of excellence in the security services landscape. Its community-focused approach, highly trained personnel, and a diverse range of security services tailored to the modern age contribute to its distinct brand identity.


Q: What sets Echelon Protective Services apart?

A: Echelon’s differentiating factors include a community-oriented security approach, a highly qualified team, and a commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

Q: How does Echelon ensure the safety of its clients?

A: Echelon offers a range of services, including armed and unarmed security personnel, patrol services, asset protection, and private investigations, ensuring comprehensive safety solutions.


In conclusion, understanding what a hybrid company for asset protection entails is crucial in navigating the evolving landscape of security services. Echelon Protective Services, with its roots in Portland, Oregon, and its expanding reach to New Mexico, exemplifies the essence of a hybrid company by combining cutting-edge security solutions with a commitment to community well-being. For businesses and individuals seeking top-notch security services, Echelon stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in the field. To explore their services further, visit Echelon Protective Services and learn more about their offerings in New Mexico.

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By: Echelon Protective Services Team

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